Saturday, March 24, 2012

See Ya Later Texas!

I cried.. Man oh Man did I cry hard!

Leaving Texas, my Family and my friends was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do..
So why did I do it?
- Well, Because Im in love. Madly Deeply in Love, I Guess it makes more sense to tell you that were Engaged. HA!
Adam (My Fiance) is from a Small town in Nebraska, that Small town with a whopping Population of 4,000 people goes by the name of Aurora. It only makes sense to be called Aurora.. The Sunsets are BEAUTIFUL!

I spoke to Friends and Family about this move for a month or two..or three..while I was debating. I took a chance, I was Terrified, I was Excited..I cried, I Laughed man oh man was it a crazy Roller coaster! And then BAM! Its moving time, The BEST part is, we had to be out of our Rental April 1st..we found this out 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS before our move out date! WHAT!?!? I hadn't even started packing yet, Not to mention I almost packed the WHOLE house By myself because of my Broken Fiance! (I had help from Erin and Sherry! THANK GOD!) let alone I needed to get my transfer papers set and find a New store!
- From that moment on, my life had flipped upside down and I turned into a stressed out Lady. So Stressed in fact that I broke out in Hives, HIVES! The last time I broke out in Hives was when I was 16!
So long story short, I had a lot on my plate..I mean spilling off onto the table kind of over load!

The time quickly came, I said my "so Longs" and Cried in my Sisters and Mothers Arms while we all hugged tight..

It wasn't until I got in our Truck and started driving that It REALLY settled in...

I am Leaving Texas. The ONLY place I have ever known..
I was making the 13 hour drive, to start my New life in Nebraska.

-Nicole Lynn-

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