Friday, March 30, 2012

I will not let myself Fall.

Days pass and even weeks, Im still waiting for the arrival of my Fiance who was SUPPOSED to be here 2 weeks ago. I suppose with the Army you cannot really be sure of when anything is going to happen, for instance- They told us December would be our time frame of him being completed with the Army.. Then they pushed it to January..and the Feb. Our lease on our House was up at the end of Feb, Even if he was not completed with the Final process of getting out and being a civilian again, I had to leave. My Job had already transferred me and my new store was waiting, Besides..We couldn't get a place for just a month, and where would we put our stuff and our two Dogs?

Anyways, Im kind of frustrated..But Im really trying to keep an open mind. It's tough here I wont lie..Im still with the same company, I still have my same position but this new store is tough and I face a new challenge every day. I believe Im gaining the respect I should be, But then Im hearing all of these negative words as well, But I wont let it bring me down.
Im trying to explore and enjoy myself on my days off, well..Im on work Overload.

Sunday, I decided it was time for a change..and I went and Cut off my hair, Yup 10 inches. 10 WHOLE inches! Why is it that when Woman have such big things happen to them, they cut their hair? anyways, The lady cut more off than I wanted.. BUT, I LOVE it! What do you think?

Tuesday I went and I bought a new Bike. a Huffy Cruiser. I have been drooling over it for the past Two weeks. So I did it.. Im not going to let myself get wrapped up in a ball of depression and I will not let myself eat my feelings.. I WILL take advantage of these beautiful spring days, since around this time of the year its already 80+ in Texas!

I am IN LOVE with this Bike. Seriously, The ride is so smooth and well, I ended up on it and riding all over town for an Hour the day I Bought it, and then..I wanted more..I craved it, so I grabbed my Dog and took her with me for another 30 minutes. Poor Pup was POOPED when we got home!
I am anticipating my next day off of work, and Im hoping that it will be just as beautiful out as the last day.

Speaking of work, I need to head there now.

Have a Beautiful day Y'all


Saturday, March 24, 2012

See Ya Later Texas!

I cried.. Man oh Man did I cry hard!

Leaving Texas, my Family and my friends was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do..
So why did I do it?
- Well, Because Im in love. Madly Deeply in Love, I Guess it makes more sense to tell you that were Engaged. HA!
Adam (My Fiance) is from a Small town in Nebraska, that Small town with a whopping Population of 4,000 people goes by the name of Aurora. It only makes sense to be called Aurora.. The Sunsets are BEAUTIFUL!

I spoke to Friends and Family about this move for a month or two..or three..while I was debating. I took a chance, I was Terrified, I was Excited..I cried, I Laughed man oh man was it a crazy Roller coaster! And then BAM! Its moving time, The BEST part is, we had to be out of our Rental April 1st..we found this out 3 weeks, 3 WEEKS before our move out date! WHAT!?!? I hadn't even started packing yet, Not to mention I almost packed the WHOLE house By myself because of my Broken Fiance! (I had help from Erin and Sherry! THANK GOD!) let alone I needed to get my transfer papers set and find a New store!
- From that moment on, my life had flipped upside down and I turned into a stressed out Lady. So Stressed in fact that I broke out in Hives, HIVES! The last time I broke out in Hives was when I was 16!
So long story short, I had a lot on my plate..I mean spilling off onto the table kind of over load!

The time quickly came, I said my "so Longs" and Cried in my Sisters and Mothers Arms while we all hugged tight..

It wasn't until I got in our Truck and started driving that It REALLY settled in...

I am Leaving Texas. The ONLY place I have ever known..
I was making the 13 hour drive, to start my New life in Nebraska.

-Nicole Lynn-